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Pineapple & Aloe Facial Wash


Pineapple & Aloe Facial Wash

Reduce Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes!


  • Pineapple & Aloe Facial Wash is enriched with Vitamin A & C. Powerful, natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

  • Reduces dark circles and bags under eyes

  • Helps reduce acne, fine lines, sun damaged and uneven skin toning

  • Softens skin and can be used to minimize skin swelling and inflammation 

  • Sloughs off dead cells on the surface of the skin while imparting benefits

  • Natural exfoliate agent


Organic Aloe Vera, Raw African Black Soap, Pineapple Extract, Raw Honey, Turmeric, Organic Hemp Oil & Organic Citrus Blended Essential Oils


For maximum hydration saturate skin with Pineapple & Aloe Facial Wash. Massage into face and neck working in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Follow up with Hydrating Facial Toner & Serum.

**Note: 2 oz containers do not come with a pump.

WARNING: If you are pregnant or nursing, or have sensitive skin, allergies or any serious medical conditions, do not use these products unless advised by a physician or medical professional that it is safe. A skin patch test is always recommended prior to use.

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