Is Yoni Wash Good For You?

Is Yoni Wash Good For You?

Is Yoni Soap Good For You?

Let’s dive into this. There has been much chatter about this topic. The word “yoni” is a Sanskrit word, which means the womb, the source, and the female organs. It also connotes the female sexual organs (vagina, vulva, and uterus). 

In today’s society we see the word yoni being used on feminine cleansers, oils, gels and more. How did a term so symbolic and ancient become mainstream?  Women have advanced since the 18th century; however, we did keep some remedies close to heart. 

Our Signature Feminine Wash is great for you because it contains no essential oils or fragrances. It also doesn’t have any sulfates or chemicals. Our formula is very simple to keep your pH from being disrupted. On the other hand, there are many yoni washes on the market that are not good for the feminine area.

Also, knowing how to clean the feminine genitals are important. The vulva, which is external, should be cleaned at least once per day. The vagina cleanses itself and should never be cleansed with soap. 

To answer the question, not all yoni soaps are bad and not all are good. The best way to determine this is to check the ingredients. Our  ingredients are listed on our site. Yoni wash should not cause irritation or any burning sensations. Less is More!

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